How to Put the Spark Back Into Your Daily Work


I received an email from a fan recently asking for help. Here’s the gist of it…

I was wondering if you would write a post about inspiration at work—finding that spark in the “daily grind”. The kind that makes it more rewarding or fulfilling.  I think it would be valuable to a lot of people – not to mention me! 🙂 tweet

Perhaps you’ve been there. I know I have! While the lyrics of the old hymn says it only takes a spark to get a fire going….the truth is sometimes we can’t find the spark! But no worries my friend it is in YOU! It’s easy for the busyness, problems, or sometimes the boredom of life to hide it – but believe me it’s in there.  You hold the spark that has the power to set the world ablaze with the uniqueness that only you can.

Just as there are 3 elements to fire (aka the spark) – oxygen, fuel and heat. You are also comprised of 3 elements – mind, body & spirit.  Very much like fire if one of the 3 elements is missing or out of sync then the spark that is within you can be snuffed out. A quick review of these 3 elements can help you identify what the culprit of your missing spark may be.

Spirit – is about who you are being. It’s about living life authentically, living in personal integrity, operating as much as possible in your strengths, aligned with your personality and your values.

Body – is about what we are doing. Most of us have a long list of “doings”. Unfortunately, we are prone to put more on the doing list than belongs on there. Yet when our doing lists closely mirrors our being list then the pieces begin to come together for the spark.

Mind – is about our thinking. How you think (attitude), allowing yourself space to think (solitude), and where your thoughts are each moment (being present vs. worried about the past/future).

Just like fire, it’s is the combination of these 3 elements that make up the spark that lies within you. It’s why the world is a warmer, brighter and better place because you are in it.

Journaling Exercise

Take a minute to journal what comes to mind when you think about yourself in relationship to the three elements of mind, body and spirit. In looking at what you’ve written is there any misalignments between the three elements?  Any missing elements in your daily job? What actions can you take today to be more aligned and working with your unique spark.

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