The Future of Your Money

Everything you do today determines your future. tweet

It’s human nature to want a brighter future. Particularly when money is concerned. Brighter meaning – more money in the bank, ability to be charitable, ability to provide loved ones the things they need or even bless them with things they want, and even the capacity to work when and where you want to because money isn’t the controlling force. However, it seems like a pipe dream for many because the mantra of the day is “live in the moment.” YOLO (You only live once). While living in the now, even YOLO may be positive in some areas of your life, it’s a major buzz-kill in the area of finances. But we can live in the moment and not be a buzz-kill to the future of our finances with the right perspective.

The future of your money

John D. Rockefeller once said, “I would have never given away a million dollars if I hadn’t given away the first dollar.” Another good quote that connects the present to the future is “Every time you borrow money you’re robbing your future self.” So how do we balance our future desires without putting a buzz-kill on the happy vibes of living in the moment?

Understand where happy vibes come from. The best happy vibes come from inside ourselves (the heart) not outside of us. When we prioritize the matters of the heart, then we begin to live from the heart. To live from the heart is to be truly alive! When it comes to money, what makes your heart content? Is it that settled peace knowing you have money set aside for a rainy day or retirement? A sense of fulfillment by seeing a person or charitable cause you believe in being taken care of? The freedom to have the type of job you want regardless of the pay?

Journaling Exercise

Take a few minutes to journal out the things that make your heart happy and content (both now and in the future). Now pull up your bank account and look at the last week’s transactions.  How many still make your heart content in reviewing them. In hindsight, how many are contentment killers? Take a moment to set some goals in the areas of giving and savings. Starting small is ok. Being disciplined with $1 allows you to move on to being disciplined with $10 or $100. Remember…

Discipline not dreams determine the future of your money. – Karen Zeigler tweet




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