Removing Money Limits

Limits appear larger than they actually are

Pavo, GA – it’s likely you’ve never heard of it…unless you’re a high school friend of mine. It’s small town in south GA that touts a whopping 600 people today and less than that decades ago when I was growing up there.  I grew up there with my grandmother and great grandmother (and yes it seemed like hell on earth at the time). To say I grew up poor would be an understatement. We lived off my grandmother’s social security check, depended on other family for rides to town for grocery shopping because they didn’t have a car and hand-me downs for clothes.  Thank goodness for a cousin who was a few years ahead of me and an Aunt that knew how to sew.

So yes, money limits are a real thing. I know, I’ve lived them. Not just growing up as a child but as married young adult in college and during the 2008 economic collapse. Money limits make our hopes and dreams appear larger than the actually are. Huge, insurmountable, unobtainable! But more than a thing, money limits are a mindset. A very negative mindset. And in many cases a BIG fat excuse.

Instead of saying “I don’t have the money” try saying “I am exploring all my resources to achieve the life of my dreams”. @KarenZeigler tweet

Generally speaking, we can remove our money limits long before we earn a million bucks or win the lottery. Here’s a few tips for how to do just that.

L – Look Around

People everywhere are doing things with less money by being more creative with the resources within their reach.  Free resources, family, friends, and trading what they have (time or resources) for what they want. I know three people right now who are far from wealthy that enjoy traveling the country…which is a dream and important value for them.

I – Increase Your Knowledge

Increase your knowledge about money and how to make money.  Two books that were real eye openers for me when it came to money were Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.

M – Make a Money Mantra

Identify what negative mindset and false beliefs are at the root of your money limits.  Create a money mantra for the soul purpose of reprogramming your thoughts in a more positive direction.

I – Inquire of Others

Get inquisitive about others who have accomplished what you are looking to accomplished. While it may look like they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, you’ll be surprised at how many started in a position less the ideal and maybe even worse off than yours.

T – Take a Time Out

Grinding on money, how to make it, the endless list of needs for it, etc. etc. can be tiring.  Take a time out – unplug from all media who constantly bombard us with everything we “must have”, connect with people, pets and places that make you happy.

S – Scratch the Self-Loathing and become Self-made

62% of American Billionaires are self-made which means that they were able to break through the self-loathing money limit mindset to live a life beyond limits.  While being a billionaire may not be your money goal, we can learn a lot from reading about their lives.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to say yes to growth

Take a few moments and reflect on the real and perceived money limits you have placed on your life.

  1. What money limits did you learn in childhood that still haunt you today?
  2. What steps have you taken to unearth, heal and replace those false beliefs? What steps do you need to take?
  3. Which of the l-i-m-i-t-s items above do you plan on taking action on? Share your intentions with us in the comments.

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