Growing Healthy Relationships are Worth the Effort

To me having healthy relationships means being surrounded by the people I love and who love me. I can be vulnerable to share my hopes, dreams, and fears with them. I am accepted as I am but always encouraged to be all that I can be. -Karen Zeigler tweet

Out of all the areas that we can grow in, relationships can be the most demanding and fulfilling area of all. The truth is, you are the only person in any relationship that you have the ability to grow. In no other area can focusing on yourself multiply your growth and improve the quality of your life and the people you share it with.  It takes a lot of work to develop trust, set boundaries, communicate effectively and many other skills to create healthy relationships.

The Benefits Far Outweighs the Effort

Yet the magnitude of your effort does not go to waste. In fact when you learn to build trust, communicate, set boundaries and all the things required for healthy relationships you have not only improved your relationships, you have developed so much more. The improvements you have made go beyond yourself to your work, your family life, your life with friends. By your efforts, you reduce mental stresses at work and home, and your spirit is more alive than ever before. Joy and happiness increase as we connect with others in healthy ways.

The cost of not growing in this area is not only physical and mental but also financial.  Loss of job, spouse, friends/family, mental and physical health can add up and be detrimental in many ways. When you think about it, you can increase your financial worth, your physical health, and your mental clarity by tackling this one area.  You gain financially by improving your value as a worker. Save money by reducing spending on counseling, medications and other addictions that you spend money on because these vital connections are missing.

So grab your journal, click here, and choose one of the devotions about relationships to start your journey of growth.