Positive Growth through Poetry – My Impromptu Poem about Money


In Honor of National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month.  It caught my eye on March 21st when it was World Poetry Day. Why they are in different months beats me. One of those odd things about poetry, I guess.

Anyway it caught my eye because I have several friends who enjoy writing poetry.  If you are one of those friends or a person who has a Metrophobia (fear of poetry) you may want to stop reading right now. My poetry expertise stopped in elementary school with rhymes. So if you are a fan of the greats like Poe, Shakespeare, Cummings, etc. I promise you this will not arouse some mysterious wonder or give thought to ponder.  It is only my elementary and unenlightened attempt at ascribing poetry to the topic of money.

However, I do hope it pierces your intellect and gives you pause to your finances.  My goals in writing was twofold. One – cause you to think about your finances. Perhaps even think differently.  And two – to challenge myself as a writer in a new way and in a geeky writer kinda way have some fun. So without further ado here is the first and original poem by me on money.


You think you need me.
Alas, that’s where the seduction starts

While you’re focused on the stuff in the cart,
I’m quietly stealing the keys to your heart.

How naive, you allow yourself to be lured in,
Over and over again by each little financial win.

Just as you’re sinking into the drunken thought – I’ve made it!
I am crouched in for the glorious score – I’ve nailed it!

Your heart, that is, nailed it to the wall
Like blood from it, drips true love, joy and all.

Oh the irony of it, had you not so desperately needed me,
And instead took comfort in the power that that exists to just “be”.

Had you followed the passion of your heart
You would have found the path to true success from the start.

I would have been your slave and you would have been my master,
Had you just believed you were enough and learned to just “be” a little faster.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn.

  1. What resonated with you in this poem?
  2. Where has money stolen love, joy and other things? Note why?
  3. What can you eliminate from your life (time and money savings) that will allow you to just “be” more? How can you make that happen? Why is it important?


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