Money Moves that Create Positive Momentum


Authentically speaking

Authentically speaking we’ve made a lot of money decisions in the last several months. Some could be labeled positive, some negative. It’s likely you have made some too. Big things like –

  • I quit my job without a replacement
  • we paid off my hubby’s sports car
  • we sold a business vehicle which cleared another debt
  • my hubs blew up the motor on said sports car.

And little things like –

  • we’ve started cooking at home more so that we can eat healthier
  • I reviewed our bank statements and noticed auto deductions that I no longer used or needed so I canceled all those (loosing money for months!)
  • or the countless items laying around the house that are now too late to return

It’s likely you were categorizing these items with me as I listed them out. Bad, Good, good, bad, good, good, good/bad, bad. It’s easy to label things positive or negative. However, labels don’t really move us forward.

Awareness doesn’t = actualization

When I look at my savings or debt balance, where do you suppose my mind goes? You’d be correct if you said straight to the negative.  It’s likely you do the same thing if you’re still a ways from your money goals. In fact, this bias towards negativity is how we are wired as humans. #QuestionsforGodWhenIGettoHeaven  Humans have what’s known as negativity bias. I learned about that from my girlfriends at Hendrix Coaching. Like a magnet our brain will look at the negative.  While being aware of the negative may provide some insight into where there is room for growth, it often does very little for the actualization of our money goals.

In constrast, thinking about the negative can send us into a downward spiral, depression, or at best get us stuck in our heads thinking about all the “woulda, shoulda, coulda’s”. Beyond noticing what adjustments you can make from a negative consequence our daily awareness practice around money must focus on the positive. It’s crucial to

Become more aware of what’s worth your energy. And what positively fuels your energy. @KarenZeigler tweet

We all make money moves, it’s just a matter of using them to create positive momentum

Imagine if I shift my thoughts to what has positively happened these past several months:

  • Paid off not one but two vehicle loans
  • Eliminated useless auto deductions
  • Reduce eating out expenses

Do you notice the shift of energy just in reviewing those few?  Did you sense my inner super woman rising?  What would change if I made this positive money moves awareness a daily practice? Like perhaps journalling or taking time to mentally note what went positive in the money realm daily.  Today, so far I’ve

  • Ate breakfast at home
  • Enjoyed a free Starbucks from a reward.
  • Taken steps towards a vision that will provide financially
  • Ignored the thought of going in to a store when I had some extra time on my hands but didn’t “need” anything.  Had I gone in I’m sure I would have found something I had to have.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn.

  1. Make a list of the negative activities that have happened lately when it comes to your finances? How does this list make you feel? Where do your thoughts go after making this list?
  2. Where possible make a list of adjustments you can make that will prevent or make future outcomes more positive. Let go of the rest.
  3. Now make a list of all the positive activities that have happened lately when it comes to your finances.  Notice what your energy does after reviewing this list? Feeling this positive energy, what positive action(s) can you take in the next 12-24 hours.
  4. Repeat #3 daily and watch your energy and progress towards your money goals climb!

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