It’s in Every Bad Money Decision

It’s in Every Bad Money Decision Ever Made

We’ve all made them – bad money decisions. We’ve charged items on our credit card that we later wish we hadn’t. We didn’t act on the hunch we had about a particular company’s stock, only to find out it skyrocketed. We missed out on showing a loved one our support by procrastinating our donation to the cause they were promoting. We’ve withdrawn from our IRA when we should have taken the time to save. Collectively, our bad decisions could make a book the size of an encyclopedia. But writing a book won’t keep us from repeating them or making new ones. Unless that is, we get to the cause of every bad money decision we have ever made. And amazingly it all boils down to one thing.

Never Let Fear Decide Your Future

In last week’s post (Letting Go to Become You) I wrote about how we only have two choices: fear or love. It’s true for every area of life. Including money. Or should I say most definitely money!! It’s the fear of missing out when we go out to eat every time we receive an invitation, instead of staying home and savings money. We fear better options when we don’t take advantage of a good deal Only to find when we continue to search that the prices everywhere else are much more. It’s the avoidance of the homeless man because you don’t want to give him money because you are scared he’ll spend the money on booze or drugs. We fear failure and decide against starting that dream business or taking the promotion.

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same spot next year as you are today. tweet

Whether it’s savings, giving, spending or investing we let fear decide our future. The crazy part of it all is, that we are unaware that we are doing it. Well not anymore. Today we declare we are aware of fears tricks. Today we will choose to love ourselves, our future, and others. Above all, we choose to love growth. Growing as a person mentally, financially and yes even spiritually by choosing to eliminate fear from our decision making.

So grab a journal and jot down your thoughts on this post and your finances.

  • What bad money decisions have you made in the past?
  • Rewind the tape and imagine making those decisions out of love? Write about the new results those changes make. Make that your vision for decisions moving forward.
  • What money decisions do you have ahead of you this week? How can you make those decisions in love for yourself and the goals you desire to achieve?


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