Men Can Fix Anything Temporarily. Except Stress…For That You’ll Need to Read This Post


Men Can Fix Anything…Temporarily Maybe

So I was looking for examples of using an item as a substitute for something else (aka jury rig, make shift, improv). You know the kinda thing you do as a temporary fix but it usually doesn’t work in the long run.  I got some funny response on Facebook and even found this hilarious video on Youtube titled Men can fix anything. I also called up my husband, as he is the King of jury rigging to get some examples from him.  We had quite the laugh remembering the time our three horses had the run of the RV park in Myrtle Beach, SC for the annual ride-a-thon because he jury rigged a low-voltage paddock (too low to keep three rambunctious horses contained!)

Pain is present to get our attention

Our human ability of resourcefulness is pretty amazing! Surely, amazing when it works and down right hysterical (and often painful) when it doesn’t.  The painful part is God’s way of grabbing our attention and knocking some sense into us. We can even hear ourselves say, after we’re done rubbing out the sore spots, I knew that wasn’t meant for that…why did I do that? Gotta love hindsight. Sigh.

The pain that follows a jury rig gone wrong is a great analogy for stress. Stress is physical and mental pressure, strain or pain. Likewise, it results from the same issue that jury rigging does.  Using an item (in this case YOU) to do something it wasn’t meant to do. You’ll have to read this next part slow as it’s quite the tongue twister. However, if you take a moment to slow down and let it sink in, I promise you will have an ah-ha moment.

Well-being is the pleasurable result of our “beings” being well. This pleasurable result is totally dependent upon our “being” being used for the purposes it was intended. – @KarenZeigler tweet

3 Things you were not intended for

  1. Worry, Fear, Anxiety – for the purposes of this blog all three words mean the same thing. Mental suffering caused by the continual torment of oneself with negative thoughts of the past or the future.  You weren’t meant to (nor can you) live in the past or the future. The only time you have is right now, in this moment. It’s God’s “present” to you.  And the quicker you can find your way back to the present the better. Look up, look around, and pick a person, animal or an objective and go say hi, get curious and get present. Some of my favorite get present activities – play with the dog, mountain bike, horseback riding, yoga.
  2. A purpose other than your own in yesterday’s post – when to take back the keys to your life and leave you job– I wrote about my recent exodus from my job. It was a decision that I took a year to make but actually could have probably been made within two weeks.  Why?  Because there was an unexplainable stress involved in doing work that my brain nor my heart was wired for. You are no different. There is work you were meant for, work that you’ll be great at given the practice and work that positively energizes you. Not stresses you!
  3. All things, all at once and all the time – you were not meant to do all things, all at once and all the time. Nor for all people.  Unfortunately, this message is being screamed at us from every direction. From social media, to our family members, to our jobs. Acceptance and believe in these messages is a wide-open door for stress. And it results in desperate attempts to jury rig life. Consequently, all things jury rigged eventually break leaving nothing but the pain (aka stress). It is your power and your right to say NO. No does not require explanation.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn.

  1. What area of life is stressing you out at the moment? If it’s multiple areas rank them from highest to lowest level of stress.
  2. Take a moment with the highest ranking stress area and make a list of all the things that are stressing you about the area.
  3. Now journal about each stress. Where does it fall in the 3 categories of stuff you weren’t meant to do? What action do you need to take to correct course?

Need help? Leave your information in the comments and I’ll reach out with some additional tools and information about coaching.

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