Can SMART Goals Deepen Your Relationships?

What Goal-setting Tribe Are You In?

It’s the New Year, and by now you’ve given some thought (even if it’s fleeting) to goals. If goals for you are more than a passing thought, then you’ve likely used the Smart Goals technique. It’s been around for decades, and it’s pretty effective for making sure you cover all your bases. However, there is one thing that most SMART goal templates don’t address. Relationships.

Beyond Accountability Partners

Research has shown that our motivation (especially with exercise) increases by having an accountability partner. Accountability partners are great! They ensure you show up at the gym. They can make working out more fun. And they can even lead to some friendly competition.  However, it doesn’t necessarily deepen the relationship. And what about those goals that you don’t share with another person. How can you use your SMART goals to deepen relationships with people that aren’t directly connected to the goal? Like the relationship with your spouse or with your sibling in another state that don’t have the same job as you do.

Vulnerability Deepens Relationships

Vulnerability, not accountability is what deepens relationships. And regardless of the type of goal, there is a vulnerability we all have as humans. A vulnerability we have even though we rarely talk about it in conversations. That vulnerability is fear. When we are strong enough to be vulnerable to share, then we have the potential to not only achieve our SMART goals but also deepen our meaningful relationships.

In lieu of journalling for this post, I’ve put together a free pdf to use. In six short questions, you identify the fears you have around a goal, where the fear originates from, and what your goal partner can do or not do to help you overcome fear and achieve success. So print out the pdf, complete it and schedule time for a conversation with someone meaningful in your life (the more, the merrier). Share this post with them so they can do the exercise too. I’m confident you’ll kick butt by achieving your SMART goals, but you’ll also kick fear in the teeth and gain a deeper relationship in the process.


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