What’s This Site All About?

You likely landed on this site because you have an interest in personal growth. Because you are all about growth, you may even call yourself addicted to growth or a growth junkie.  If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.  There are so many fantastic sites and books on the topic, that it’s hard to take it all in.  “Like drinking water from a fire hydrant” as the saying goes. That’s why this site breaks growth down into bite size devotionals. Each devotional is rich in content for your growth journey but quick to read and implement.  Just two things we ask of you before you get going.

  1. Keep it positive. Drop the negative language of addict or junkie.  Growth is a positive! Growth is being devoted to becoming the best version of yourself possible and that’s a positive thing.  So drop the addict/junkie language and become #DevotedtoGrowth.
  2. Keep a journal.  There are all sorts of reasons for maintaining a journal but I encourage you specifically to have a growth journal. Taking note of what is meaningful in each day’s devotional and writing your experiences, action steps and successes is an excellent tool to keep you motivated each day. It also makes for great inspiration to see how far you’ve come on your growth journey. My all time favorite journal/planner is the Daily Greatness Journal.  I love them so much I became an affiliate. They have a journal for almost every life focus – wellness, parenting, business, yoga and personal. Click the link above and check them out. I’ll bet you’ll love them too!

How I Became Devoted to Growth

I was that kid in school who enjoyed math.  Not because I was some mathematical genius mind you. In fact, after a degree in Finance, my math skills were so crippled I can barely calculate 10% off without a calculator.  No, I loved math for one reason and one reason alone – there was a problem to be solved, a mental challenge if you will.  Fast forward to my first growth and leadership conference where one of the speakers that day said

No matter what problems you face in life, there is only one common denominator in all of them. And that is you. tweet

I knew based on family history (poverty, alcoholism, depression to name a few) that I had found an endless opportunity for problem-solving in my personal growth. That day I was inspired by Zig Ziglar (and others) and lugged home a bag of every book and audio available from his table – from sales to marriage to goal setting – I bought them all. That day, fresh out of college, in my first banking career I started a life-long love of personal growth and leadership.  Not much has changed, I still bring home bags of books on the topic…though it’s much easier from my reading chair on my Kindle app.

It is my hope that in these daily bite size devotionals you’ll find the inspiration to grow and be the best version of yourself. Because when each of us starts showing up as the best version of ourselves, then the whole world will change. It will be a happier place to be because we’ll all be happier people.

Devoted to growth,

Karen Zeigler                                                                                                                                     Author, Life Coach & Speaker







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