Whose Responsible for Misery in the Workplace?

Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when you mind resists what is. The only problems in your life is your minds resistance to life as it unfolds. –Dan Millman tweet

Misery is a choice. The hard choice of letting go.

A little over a month ago I started a new career.  It was a mixed emotions kind of decision.  New starts are always exciting. Although starting over sometimes not so much. However, with retirement getting closer it was the wise financial decision. I suppose that’s why wisdom is in short supply – it ain’t easy and sometimes it just plain sucks. In essence, though the choice between excitement and misery is just that, a choice. Unfortunately, it’s not a choice that ends with a decision. Indeed it’s a moment by moment choice.

In light of my decision, I jumped into my new endeavor with both feet. There are several things I love about my new job as a designer for a remodeling company.  Despite the introvert I am, I’m truly enjoying connecting with clients again. Connecting and learning about their goals and how I can help them achieve them is something I love to do. In addition, I love the vision and creativity involved in designing a new space. The techy in me loves learning and playing with the 3-D rendering technology. And what person devoted to growth doesn’t love the thrill of progress towards goals (my sales goals).

However, as wonderful as all that seems, there are things that are less than perfect. Then again a perfect job really doesn’t exist. While my nature and history would be one of expressing my ideas on how things could be more efficient or effective I have chosen a new approach. Ultimately, it’s a growth choice that I believe anyone who finds themselves miserable at work should make.  And it’s the choice of letting go.

Letting go of resistance to what is.

Until you become aware of resistance, it’s crazy how much it actually impacts our lives. It ruins our morning commute when we allow someone’s road rage to overshadow our favorite song on the radio. And it continues as we arrive to work. As we put away our lunch and get in on the grumbling about new policy changes. The opportunities to resist what is and suffer in misery, as a result, are as endless as the emails coming to your inbox. Which is quite convenient as the art of letting go requires lots of practice. The real question is are you willing to practice.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow.

Take a few moments and reflect on the aspects of your job that tend to make you miserable. Grab your journal and record the answers to the following questions.

  1. What events, emails, or people tend to turn your thoughts negative? Make a list.
  2. In what ways do you see yourself resisting what is?
  3. How can you begin to practice letting go when you become aware of resistance and turn back to the work you enjoy?

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