Make it easier to do things that increase your well-being before you have to make a choice. Because a lot of our choices, though they seem small in the moment, have a big effect. –Tom Rath tweet

The Importance of Making Your Well-Being a Priority

Well-being by definition is a good or satisfactory condition of existence characterized by health and happiness.  It includes your physical health (aka your body, hands, what you do, doing) and mental health (aka your mind, your head, how you think, thinking). We maximize this health when it also aligns with our spirit (aka heart, being, who we are). To neglect our well-being will not only do great self-harm but it also decreases our effectiveness, our personal happiness, and success at our life’s work, in our relationships and financially.

It is the small daily steps that have the most significant impact on our well-being. Taking the stairs, parking in the back of the lot, taking that nap when you need it, taking a few minutes for prayer or meditation, savoring that morning cup of tea or taking an evening walk.  Living at optimal mental and physical health doesn’t require running a marathon or obtaining the highest degree.  Not that there is anything wrong with either. But its more about the quality of our health and not the quantity of our activity in either area.

There will be days when your mind and body needs exercise and days when they need rest. The key is to slow down the pace long enough that we can turn our attention inward to hear what our spirit is telling us we need. So in this category, you won’t find a lot about what exercises to do or diets to eat, but you will find a lot about why it’s important and how to tap into what works for you.

So grab your journal, click here, and choose one of the devotions about life’s work to start your journey of growth.