The Three Most Uplifting Words. And They’re Not I Love You

One post leads to another, a more uplifting one

Earlier this week I wrote about a soul suffering episode I had in dealing with acceptance. My life though pretty freaking awesome wasn’t exactly what I had dreamed. And not accepting where I was had drug my life to a lethargic crawl for a few days. In addition to the six critical things I wrote on acceptance, I discovered a nasty little mind trick. Surprisingly it was going on unnoticed. Notably, that friend we all want to get rid of; the one that sucks the life right out of us. Yes, he was screaming in my ear. You know him. I call mine Edgar – it’s my ego. As a result of my lack of acceptance, I was giving him the open the door to remind me I wasn’t good enough. Seeing that, I remembered the three most uplifting and powerful words – I am enough.  

Mind, spirit, acceptance and hot air balloons

As an illustration, consider the hot air balloon.  It’s beautiful, and it can soar high above the ground and take you to amazing places you’ve never knew existed. However, without a continual flow of hot air, the balloon may never leave the ground.  Our mind and spirit are connected much like the hot air balloon.  Our spirit knows that it is beautiful, created to soar and take us to new places. Like the hot air balloon, our spirit requires a consistent flow of fuel.  The hot air equivalent for us is our mind and the thoughts we continually tell ourselves.

The minute I accepted my life as a beautiful balloon I had to change the hot air I chose as fuel.  I had to kick out my friend that was telling me I wasn’t enough because I hadn’t reached this goal or done that. I had to take back the air flow and begin to remind myself I am enoughHere are a few reminders that I needed and perhaps you do too.


E – Evolving. I am evolving and growing. I am not the same person I was yesterday, and I won’t be the same person tomorrow.

N – Not My Biggest Mistake. My mistakes do not define me. My mistakes refine me. I am unashamed of my mistakes, flaws or experiences. I am today who I am today because of them.

O – Overcomer. I am an overcomer. Ultimately, I allow hardships to harden my resolve. Indeed, I see setbacks as a set up for a comeback.

U – Unique. I am unique, one of a kind. There is no other like me on the planet.

G – Grateful. I am grateful for the life I have. Any missing skill or circumstance is there for a reason. In essence, it’s for me to find a connection with others who have what I do not.

H – Happy. There are so many beautiful reasons to be Happy.  For today (and each day) I will declare I am enough and I choose to see all that makes me happy.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow

Take a few moments and reflect on how often thoughts of “I am not enough” creep in. Write the answer to the following questions in your journal

  1. How often throughout the day do you find yourself thinking you are not enough?
  2. Are you aware of the thoughts or do you have to find yourself feeling negatively first?
  3. What methods do you use to reinforce the type of fuel that will keep your spirit soaring? Take the six items above and create affirmation statements. Repeat them in the morning, put on an index card that you can take with you, find various ways to remind yourself that you are enough.

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