Time for Recalibrating Direction to Your Money Goals

This time last year

This time last year I was preparing to travel to Dallas, TX to attend a leadership conference I  had not attended previously.  In reminiscing, I remembered the panic-stricken drive from the airport to the hotel. In my excitement to pack I had forgotten my iPad for reading on the plane.  Surprisingly, (this blonde hair is mine) I didn’t think about how reading on my phone would drain the battery. And of course, in my excitement, I left my charger at home as well. As I drove the busy highways of Dallas, my eyes were constantly shifting.  Quickly moving between the setting sun, my GPS continually recalibrating (Why!!) and my battery draining another percentage every minute.

In this case, it wasn’t a matter of fear of being lost. I’m blonde remember…it happens. However, I was terrified and assuming the worst scenario. Surely, I would be lost in a bad part of the city after dark, abducted by someone I thought would help, and left for dead in some alleyway. It’s crazy how quickly our minds can concoct such extravagant stories.  Or perhaps it’s just watching too many crime drama shows on TV.

Nonetheless, I have already started my packing list for this year’s trip. And this year, I am even more excited. This year I’m not just attending, I’m delivering a workshop on effective communication.

Recalibrating our money journey

Perhaps you set out to take a trip with your money in 2017.  Similar to my trip, nothing is going as planned and metaphorically your GPS is stuck recalibrating. Well, let me help you. Perhaps you missed a few things on your packing list. Maybe you only packed a part of yourself. Yes, you heard that right – a part of yourself.

Indeed you are made up of mind, body, and spirit.  Let me explain further but describing each of those and some alternative names you may hear.

Spirit – who you are, aka your being or heart (sometimes soul in error)

Mind – how you think aka your thinking, head, soul (which in Biblical terms is mind, will & emotions)

Body – what you do, aka your doing or hands

Be that as it may, as a habit we focus on the doing when it comes to goal setting. To save more, we’ll start budgeting, sign up for automatic transfer to savings, and promise to eat our less. We give little or no concern to our thinking about money and absolutely no contemplation who we are being.  And thus the reason within a few weeks our car is off the road in the ditch, and we are far from our destination.

Pouring your whole self into goal setting

As an illustration and to keep to my “devotional” size requirement let’s look at saving. Below is what it looks like to pour your whole self into the goal of savings.

Body – my doings would include what I mentioned above. I would start budgeting, put an automatic transfer to a savings account in place, commit to eating breakfast at home every day.

Mind – my thinking.  I would examine disempowering thought habits I have that would derail my journey. Do I have a tendency to think “Just this once won’t hurt,” “this is a special occasion. I can take it from savings and put it back later,” or “I’ll never reach my savings goal.” How can you change your thinking from disempowering thoughts to empowering thoughts.

Spirit – my being.  Who am I being that got me where I am. And more importantly, who do I need to be to get where I’m going. In this example, it’s important that I’m being responsible, being self-aware of decisions I’m making which require being present, and perhaps even that I am being frugal.  Set your list of beings into affirmation statements that can reprogram your mind to think in the way that will help you achieve your goals. After all, where we set our minds we go.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow

Take a few moments and reflect on one of your money goals and journal your answers to the following questions.

  1. What is your list of doings to achieve this goal?
  2. What is your list of empowering thoughts you need to make into a habit to reach this goal? What is a list of disempowering thoughts that you need to break as a habit?
  3. What is your list of being? Turn this list into affirmations that you use daily to reprogram your thoughts.


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