This Money Mantra Must Stop to Make It to Top

Wealth is a mindset. Your mind always believes what you tell it. -@KarenZeigler tweet

This money mantra must stop

In the first week of the year, I was appropriately teaching a class about the mind, body, and spirit of achieving your 2017 goals. After I had asked everyone what their top goal was, I followed up with another question. When you think about taking action, what does the mean voice in your head begin to say to you? Like popcorn, the answers started to pop up around the room. Everyone had the mean voice; some had names for him. There were a lot lies from everyone’s mean voices, but one money mantra stood out above the rest. “You’re not disciplined enough.”

In disputing it, it drops dead

Although this may be true (not being disciplined) for a particular goal. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes to bring discipline to the goal. The blanket statement “I lack discipline” is a lie. A BIG lie that when disputed, drops dead in time on its own.  According to psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis in his book “How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything (Yes, Anything)” identifying these lies and readily disputing them has the power to silence them dead.

So I asked the group, is that true, you lack discipline? I heard a few mumbles of shy “no” around the room.  Then I posed the question in a different way. “What evidence of discipline do you have in your life?” Then the answers began to flow freely. Here’s a short list of the ways they showed discipline in their life:

  • I brush my teeth twice a day
  • I eat meals regularly
  • I make my monthly mortgage/rent payment on time
  • I walk my dog every morning before leaving for work
  • I arrive at work on time more days than not

The list was much longer. While the list isn’t conclusive, I am sure you could add your habits that you have formed through discipline over the years.

It is the flailing struggles of the do-over that forge discipline. -@KarenZeigler tweet

Ready, set, grow. Grab your journal and answer the following questions:

  1. Make a list of your money goals.  Then list the lies that the mean voice tells you about each goal.
  2. What fear or experience may be at the root of that lie? What steps can you take to let go and move on from that?
  3. What new mantra (aka affirmation) can you repeat daily?

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