The Key to Success That’s Worth Repeating

A focus worth repeating

My daughter started her career in real estate a couple years ago. She has her dad’s friendly personality and is wonderful at connecting and serving her customers.  Despite her young age, these qualities and her hard work ethic have given her a great level of success. However, my exposure to real estate started long before she entered the field. In my banking career, I courted realtors and built relationships in order to obtain the loan piece of the real estate transaction.  Even without the banking experience my husband and I have purchased or built five homes in our lifetime thus far.   But even without such real estate experience, you have probably heard the age-old cliche. The cliche that is touted the key to success in real estate. You guessed it – real estate is about location, location. Interestingly, location is so important that it needed repeating.

The repeatable word for success

Like real estate, success also has a word that is worthy of focus. A word worth repeating. It’s communication, communication. Whether your life’s work is parenting, sales, administration or management, effective communication is the key to success. Unfortunately, it’s easy to think we are communicating effectively and blame the other individual for misunderstandings. Yet all relationship problems stem from poor communication. While words are free, the way we use them is what can cost us. It can cost a tremendous amount as we view them in light of the dreams and goals we have for our life’s work. In order to succeed at communication, we must first know where we are ineffective at communicating.  And knowing what that looks like is crucial.  Here are ten ways we are ineffective in communication.

Ten means of ineffective communication

  • Vague or hinting (versus direct)
  • Speaks to Slow, plodding
  • Speaks to Quickly, rushed
  • Draining (consuming space or energy without reason; reminds me of corporate meetings)
  • Cheerlead versus consult or help
  • Intense, overeager, too “on”
  • Bossy, domineering, controlling
  • Sugary sweet
  • Broadcasts, lectures, speaks at, condescending
  • Talks more than listens

In short, to ensure that we are communicating effectively we must recognize that the person we are talking to is not us. They do not have our personality, our life experience, our knowledge, our view of the world. In fact, beyond the need for success in the relationship,  you may be two entirely different people. However, it’s two individually unique people that can achieve success through effective communication.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow

Take a few moments and reflect on the important relationships in your work.

  1. In reviewing the ten ineffective ways of communicating above, which one could use improving?
  2. Take a moment today to ask three people that you trust how you can improve in communicating more effectively regarding that one?
  3. Take a few minutes on your next break and Google how to improve that method of ineffective communication. Read the top two articles on the subject.




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