A Checklist for Finding Your Happiness

Becoming self-aware of when something is off

I have a pretty wonderful life. Upon first meeting me, people often think I’ve lived some charmed life from childhood.  It’s far from the truth. While it’s not perfect, I attribute every bit of it to the emotional, spiritual, and mental growth I have pursued throughout my adult life. Devoted to growth is not just a slogan for me. It’s long been my way of life. One that has come with great reward. Even so, there are days when I seem to lose sight of my wonderful life. Days where I find myself unexplainably grumpy. Rather than let that grumpiness carry on for days, I grab my journal and go through my happiness checklist. It brings self-awareness and gives me back the power to control my mood and the enjoyment I get out of my day.

My Happiness Checklist

Notably, as I’ve developed this list over time, I have come to recognize that the more of these that have a check the more my happiness is off.

  • Have I been eating well the last few days? I find an overload of carbs or sugar leads to inflammation, aches, pains and often a migraine. All things that make me grumpy.
  • When was the last time I exercised? Cardio releases all those happy endorphins that our mind and body need. Interesting, missing more than three days can put me off kilter.
  • Is there a need for extra rest? 
  • Am I spending adequate time spiritually in prayer or meditation
  • Have I allowed disrespect or personal boundaries to be crossed without correction? I have learned over time that this sticks with me like a burr to a sock, agitating me until I have resolved the matter.
  • Did I allow my mind to get stuck in negative chatter about myself or another person? When I recognize this I have a choice to make – will I waste time in judgment or will I offer grace.
  • What am I filling my brain with – positive inspiration or negative situations?
  • Am I living life and making decisions with authenticity
  • Have I spent adequate time connecting with the people that matter?
  • How have I fed my spirit in the last few days? For me that could be writing, riding my horses, reading, or even taking a nap.

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow

Take a few moments and reflect on your level of self-awareness.

  1. Which of the above items affect your happiness? Which might you need to become more self-aware of?
  2. What items would you add to your happiness checklist?
  3. Who can hold you accountable to reviewing your happiness checklist next time life seems a little off or you’re not as happy as you’d like?





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