For a productive day should you eat the frog or drink the juice?

A special juice I hadn’t heard about

Recently, I was lamenting with my counselor/coach about tasks that had been on my to do list for far too long. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the time. It was the energy and excitement for the task that was missing. Meanwhile, in my morning ritual, all sort of exciting ideas for blog posts kept popping up. However, those ideas would have to wait. Being raised in the productivity church of “eat the frog first” I had to complete the dreaded tasks first. That’s when he said, “Your creative juice is the most important thing.” What? {mind blown} You mean I don’t have to eat the frog first? What is this special juice?

To clarify – I was frustrated. The dreaded tasks weren’t getting done, but neither were the fun tasks of bringing life to my ideas. I was stuck, unmotivated and unproductive.  My spirit lifted as I began to understand that I can drink from this special juice to set my excitement and energy at it’s optimum to knock out the tasks of my day. Including, the dreaded ones!!

We wired for creativity

We are made in the image of our Creator, then by default, we are mini-creators. Creating is at the very core of our being. It’s who we are! And it is from our being (not our doing) that excitement (aka joy) and energy comes. And in case you are having the thought that you are not creative, then you have a minimal view of creativity and quite likely of yourself. It’s time to change that.

Let’s expand that view of what’s creative, to look beyond writing, art, music and the other standard activities we label “the creative ones” and include anything that you make that wasn’t there before. It could be a recipe, a garden, a slide deck for a presentation at work, an organized schedule for this weeks family activities, naming a few. Regardless of your life’s work, there is something special you bring to the table that you create. And it is in this creation you experience joy and energy.

Creating produces – well more

And for this reason, being creative fuels us to do more. When you have started your day with your version of creativity, then you start the day with more energy, more excitement, more gumption to eat the frogs and conquer the world. It’s priming the pump, clearing the mind, revving up the engine and a multitude of other cliche’s that allow you to be focused, productive and in the flow.

Should I ever eat the frog first?

Still finding it hard to let go of my tried and “not so true beliefs” I asked the question: should I ever eat the frog first? As in all great wisdom, the answer was – it depends. The priority is to check in with yourself (Spirit) and ask which will bring me more joy or excitement this morning. Will I find more joy and excitement in eating the frog and marking that dreaded task off my list? Or will I find more joy and enthusiasm by getting my creative juices flowing? The answer – choose the one that you perceive will give you more joy juice to fuel your day.

Grab your journal and devote a few minutes to growth (You’re worth it!)

  1. Make a list of the frogs and the creative tasks that you would to do today? Remember, both are related to your life’s work and the goals you have set in that area.
  2. Pick the top priority in both categories. Pick your top frog and your creative task with the highest joy factor.
  3. Now as you’re journalling ask yourself, which of these two tasks will bring me more energy, enthusiasm and focus on starting my day? Will I feel more joy if I eat the frog or if I drink the creative juice?

Your turn share

In the final analysis, what’s your special juice or creative concoction to get your energy up and focused for a productive day? We would love to hear your productivity hacks or ideas in the comments below.

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