Turning Daily Habits from Dreadful to Delightful

A delightful way to start the day

I was a working mom when my daughter was growing up. Working from home wasn’t the rage it is today, so I had to be at my corporate job by 8 am.  However, I refused to be one of those moms that screamed and yelled like a drill sergeant trying to get the kids out the door each morning. (Not that I never screamed. Lol I’m human) So when she became a toddler, I wanted to help her form daily habits that were delightful, not dreadful.  Habits that would help her get up and get ready for the day with smiles and laughter instead of fits and tears. To that end, I decided to make a fun game out of it. Actually, it was a song and dance.

Each morning after we would eat breakfast, I would put her down from the chair, and our song and dance would begin. All the way from the kitchen to her bathroom it went something like this.

Comb your hair, comb your hair

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth

Do a dance, do a dance

and Boogie Oogie on down

(Repeat until we arrived in the bathroom)

Along with each boogie oogie, we sang we would stop and shake our booties all the way to the ground. I would march behind her, but often we’d find ourselves giggling and being silly with a few extra boogie oogies. It not only kept our mornings fun, but it also helped her stay on track. Focused on dancing her way to the bathroom, she rarely was sidetracked wanting to play with a toy or other distraction that was in sight.

 A game to make developing habits more fun

As a coach, I often use the Ten Daily Habits game to help clients make a game out of building new habits. Click title^^ to download. It’s pretty simple. Pick up to ten daily habits you want to incorporate daily for your well-being. It could be drinking more water, reading 15 minutes a day or any number of ideas.  Each day you check off the number of habits you achieved and track on a weekly basis.

At the end of the month, you tally up the wins. It’s helpful to understand that perfect is not the goal. Remember it is not our job to judge the work, but to show up and do the work. One day you may have three check marks or smiley faces, the next day 5. Ultimately it’s to give you a visual of your progress and improvement. To clarify, you can layout your weekly pages and see how you’ve improved from week to week. Likewise, with the monthly wins pages.  To up your game, get creative with prizes or rewards for a ten smiles day or 20+ wins in a month.  You can even share the game with a friend and dare one another. Make the loser responsible for the winner’s prizes. Make it fun! You may even want to challenge them to boogie oogie on down in public somewhere. 🙂

Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow

Take a few moments and reflect on the habits you’d like to create:

  1. Write down some mind habits you would like to create?
  2. What are some physical habits you would like to develop?
  3. List some spiritual habits you would like to incorporate into your day?

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