Candy for the Heart

A childhood trip to the candy store

Think back to when you were little heading to the store with your mom.  She may have been buying groceries, but to you, it was a trip to the candy store.  After all, Mom prefaced the trip with “Honey, I’ll buy you a piece of candy if you’re good while mommy shops.” To that end, you were the perfect child – obeying on the first instruction, sticking close by your mom’s side, and even being her little helper as best you could. When the time came, and you arrived at the candy isle, your eyes became as big as saucers. And your heart began to race. Depending on how expressive you were as a child, you may have even jumped and squealed with glee at the options before you. The isle seemed to stretch for miles with shelves taller than a giant it seemed. All filled with candies of every color, shape, and flavor.

Today the candy store is Target

In the same way, I often get excited about trips to Target. But it’s not the candy isle but the inspirational gifts and journals isle that makes my eyes light up. Just the other day I was in Target picking wrapping and such for a birthday gift and stopped to see what new arrivals caught my eye.  My eyes landed on a journal titled Ideation. It was gray with images of a light bulb, gears, question marks, and pencils.  A quick flip through the pages and I knew I had found candy for my heart.

Inside, the journal was full of questions and pages for doodling. It’s purpose, to get the brain to create, think, sketch and play. For this nerdy girl, ideas are like a trip to Disney. I love anything to do with ideas – brainstorming, problem-solving or generating endless options.  Truthfully, I don’t think I need the aid of the book to generate ideas, but it speaks my love language for sure.

Candy for the heart soothes the soul

The next morning I decided to bring out my new journal for my morning journaling. I knew I had found candy for my heart when I came to the first question. The question was “Write down what you want to gain from this journal?” Here are the answers I wrote:

  • Ideas (duh, seems obvious)
  • Energy – because ideas bring me energy
  • Joy/Fun – because ideas are fun for me
  • Increased creativity – a means to be more creative
  • Play – in my nerdy way
  • And lastly…

Peace – because with joy in the heart there is no fear in the mind. tweet

Grab your Journal – you have candy for your heart too

In essence, that’s what candy for the heart does. It brings you energy, joy, fun, a sense of play, increased creativity and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, peace. Take a few moments and reflect on the following questions.

  1. What is your heart candy? If your answer is “I don’t know”, go to question two. If you have an answer, skip to question three.
  2. Take note over the next few weeks of what brings you the excitement of a child. What makes your face and your heart smile? How can you replicate that feeling more often in your life.
  3. Are you experiencing enough heart candy and it’s benefits of energy, joy, play, creativity and peace in your daily life? How can you increase the amount of heart candy you consume? Don’t worry it’s the only candy that has zero calories. 🙂



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