Awesome Life vs. Awful Life – An Intentional Choice for Growth

Thoughts have power; thoughts are energy. And you can make your world or break it by your own thinking. -Susan Taylor


Having an awesome life is a choice

It’s a sad part of our culture that people believe that the quality of their life is dependent upon outside circumstances.  In particular, culture teaches we are victims of our social status, sex, sexual orientation, race or religious beliefs.  While it’s true those things can cause harsh judgments that are unwarranted and unfair, they play a very little role in the leading an awesome life.  As an example, consider this short list of people:

Millions in the bank don’t guarantee an awesome life

Furthermore, if you’re thinking, “they have an awesome life because they have made millions” think again. Indeed, the list of millionaires that have ended up in jail, drug rehab, or committed suicide negates that theory. Specifically, the determining factor between having an awesome life or an awful life starts in our thinking and is a result of an intentional choice to grow into our best self.

The choice between awesome and awful

Awful Life

  1. Emotional reactions
  2. Anger, revenge, judging
  3. Take, win, prove
  4. Resisting change/Choosing to remain stuck
  5. Chasing unmet needs
  6. Drama, crises, intrigue
  7. Compulsions and addictions
  8. Self-criticism and self-blaming
  9. Unhealed past traumas or events
  10. Tripping over unresolved matters
  11. Shoulds, coulds, have-tos
  12. Managing others’ impressions
  13. Avoiding consequences
  14. Catching up, adrenaline
  15. Resignation, reacting
  16. Searching, looking
  17. People pleasing

Awesome Life

  1. Practicing Non-attachment or  expressing your truth in a healthy way
  2. Compassion for others woundedness/humanness
  3. Confidence that you are perfect as you are
  4. Surrendering to what is
  5. Stating needs clearly and/or meeting them yourself
  6. Peace, boredom, and freedom
  7. Making positive choices that empower you and your future
  8. Forgiveness/Giving ourself the grace you give to others
  9. Seeking awareness and healing
  10. Restoring 100% integrity
  11. Understanding wants and desires and taking responsibility
  12. Honoring own standards and values
  13. Building trust with others
  14. Keeping reserves of time and money
  15. Creating a clear vision and having a dedication to pursuing it
  16. Gratitude and enjoying the beauty of the present
  17. Serving the needs of oneself and serving others


Grab your journal; it’s your turn to grow

Take a few moments and reflect on the two columns above.

  1. Are you more on the left side? What one item can you change that would have the greatest impact on your life. Make a list of actions you can take to learn a better way of thinking and acting?
  2. Do you find yourself more on the right side? What ways can you use your knowledge to help others harness the power of their mind for success?
  3. Express gratitude to someone that demonstrates a quality on the right side regularly.  Perhaps even ask them for advice on how to improve that area of your life.

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