The Strong Combination of Affirmations & Questions

Affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, to make strong.” tweet

Why affirmations never worked for me until.

I’ve been devoted to growth for several decades now, so I’ve been exposed to affirmations dozens if not hundreds of times.  For the majority of those years, I would attempt affirmations for a short period only to drop them within a few days. I dropped them because I knew they weren’t true. The truth is a core value for me. And to say “I am financial free” or “I am healthy and full of energy” when I wasn’t, didn’t align with my spirit. It was a lie. I couldn’t believe what I knew to be a lie. I couldn’t repeat lies, even though I did believe “the power of life and death are in the tongue” to be true.

Although that is true, my attempts at reciting affirmations always turned into a battle with my inner critic.The voice of my grandmother who raised me saying “Who do you think you are,” “you can’t do that,” or “no one wants to hear what have to say”. The eighteen years in her care had cemented the belief that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t worthy.

In spite of this deeply held belief, I still managed to have some level of success. I had a good career in the financial industry, I experienced a lot of financial success (although not exempt from failure). I had a beautiful marriage of three plus decades. In light of all that, I still wasn’t achieving my dreams. And as the last few years ground by with little progress, I knew that the only thing holding me back was my belief in myself. I believed I could be financially free, full of energy or achieve my dreams, but deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy of those things.

The forerunner of all affirmations

You see, to believe in the affirmation, I must first believe I am worthy. I must believe that I am worthy of achieving my dreams. Thus only recently I started affirmations again. Affirmations that have stuck and I continue to repeat. The single most important affirmation and my new mantra. I am worthy. I am worthy of financial freedom. I am worthy of earning a living at my dreams. And as the definition of affirmation states, this affirmation is making me steady, making me strong.  I am no longer in a constant battle with my inner critic. When she chimes in, I just say with conviction my mantra – I am worthy. And just as affirmations have proven for centuries my brain is being rewired. (Hallejuah!!!)

One Affirmation. One Question.

Just as there is one foundational affirmation. There is also one question that will get you headed down the path to success. And that questions is simply, how? But don’t freak out. Don’t get stuck in your head grinding out a solution. Here is the cool thing about that question – you don’t have to answer it!

Just as the dreams in your heart have been there since your creation, the plans God has for them is as well. We need only to ask him how? Listen and obey. Some may call it intuition or the Holy Spirits guidance. Regardless of what you call it. Believe you are worthy. Ask how. Tune into your spirit and God’s guidance. And take action on what you hear. And lastly, should Fear raise it’s ugly voice as you step into action. Remind her as many times as it takes – I am worthy!

Grab your journal and write and speak I am worthy ten times. Then take a moment to rewrite your goals starting with the phrase “I am worthy of” Then strong and steady in your worth, ask How? Close your journal and go about your day. Come back to your journal to record any guidance you receive. Repeat daily for the next 30 days and report back.

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