3 Keys to Unleashing Your Inner Superhero

A Glimpse at Superman’s Backstory

The first of many superheroes was Superman. He was born as Kal-El on the alien planet Krypton. Superman’s father, Jor-El, rocketed him to Earth as an infant moments before Krypton’s destruction. A Kansas farmer and his wife discovered, adopted and named him Clark Kent. Clark’s parents instilled in him a strong moral compass. Clark displayed superhuman abilities early on and resolved as he matured to use them to benefit humanity.

Similarly, your story is like Superman’s. Like Superman, you have a father who is not from planet Earth – a heavenly father named God. You are a child of God (the ultimate Superhero), created in His image  – mind, body & spirit.   You are a spirit in the heavenly realms, but God gave you a mind and a body before sending you to Earth.  Like Clark, your earthly parents gave you a name.

How to Ditch Your Clark Kent Persona and Be Superman

In the same way, Clark Kent is Superman’s alter-ego, you have one as well. Clark Kent is passive, introverted, has a higher-pitched voice, and a slight slouch. Likewise, your alter-ego is that person you’ve become based on your childhood, schooling, social environment, the jobs you pursued, etc. However, who you are is not the alter-ego you see in the mirror every morning. Just like Superman, your spirit, gifted with talents and abilities (your super powers) is ready to be unleashed. And in like manner, you are created to serve humanity. Your super powers, lovingly given by your Creator, lie in your spirit ready to be unleashed.

Three Keys to Unleashing Your Super Powers

  1. Loose your “Clark Kent” identity. Clark transformed into Superman by stripping off his black-rimmed glasses, tie, etc. Whether you are a reporter, business owner, or parent, what you do, is not who you are. We can lose our identities in a moment of tragedy.  Who you are is always with you.  Attached to what we do, we remain stuck in our boring “Clark Kent” lives.
  2. Step into the phone booth. Clark steps into a phone booth to transform from mild-mannered reporter to fearless superhero.  Likewise, there is a place for your transformation also. Your phone booth is whatever draws you inward and emboldens you to be fearless. For instance, things like prayer, meditation, reciting scripture, and affirmations. Like Clark Kent, we must step into our phone booth so that we can step out with our super powers.
  3. Fight injustice with your super powers. Injustice is everywhere. Your eyes, outside of the phone booth, open with new superhero vision to these injustices. The injustice of being bullied, discriminated against, hunger, poverty or sex-trafficking come into your awareness as a superhero. You courageously fight when you have tapped into your superhero DNA.

Ready to Live the Exciting Life of a Superhero

To conclude, grab your journal and write whatever comes to mind with the three keys above. Make note of what mindsets need to change and what actions do you need to take to be the Superhero you were created to be.

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